Friday, December 7, 2012

In Mid-Air, Vol. 1: investment principles

"All around the world people want to be loved...they're no different from us"

From pop music to praise and worship, sitcoms to movies, and Bible study to staff meetings, I hear the strong message that agrees with Justin Bieber's radio hit here -- people have one common desire overpowering all the others, the desire to be loved.

Then in my own life I see that desire splashed across the front page in brilliant still frames and all-caps headlines. Freeze frames and glimpse my heart hardening and bleeding simultaneously.

We want that steadfast love. Trade anything for it.

Battles rage and we pit the wages of self-defense against the salary of unconditional love. You have to consider the entire benefit package over and above the hourly wage. Are we talking in minutes and hours or are we talking futures?

That darned salary business -- suddenly seems like we're working so many more hours than its worth? And our hourly dollar keeps shrinking more to nickels --forget dimes.

So it goes with Love. If we want to talk futures, we don't get caught up in nitpicking the compensation for every second of hard work. The harder we work, perhaps it seems the less we are paid off for our labor? But no, we're talking futures. Value can't be determined yet -- high risk
Long term yield.
That's when we'll know. Long term. High risk.

So in the economy of Love it goes a little differently. But there are guarantees -- Love is Always the right investment opportunity.
There will always be Losses.
Gains will always be more.
Someone always loves us more than we love Him.
He always loves us before we love Him.