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In the Time of Coronavirus: Mothering - "Before you leave, you must know you are beloved"

Thursday, March 12 -- That was the last time I lived a semi-normal life before COVID-19 overtook our normal way of life. It was announced that day that schools would close the week after, and we (my husband) made an executive decision not to send the kids to school the next day, Friday. So, it's been 52 days of social distancing, as of today. If we did this 6 more times, we'd have covered the whole year! I don't exactly know how to put this into words, and I have sat down to try and document the experience many times, only to be interrupted or unable to form thoughts that are writable. Right now, I think we might be about 2 weeks away from the strictest social distancing measures expiring, which is a hopeful thought, but the closer we get to that milestone, the more crushed I feel about the abnormalcy of the future we are about to step into, because it's still not going to be normal as we once knew it. We will still have the virus among us, and it occurred to me i

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