Monday, May 6, 2013

Marine Corps Marathon Monday {2.2013}

So, I believe we discussed at the beginning of April that it had really been since the beginning of December that I've run any sort of real distance.

I began to dabble in April with bringing my activity back up, and I didn't do a great job but I didn't accomplish nothing at all. I took fewer, longer runs rather than more frequent, shorter runs. I also did several yoga classes, but I'm still working on finding the right one for me.

Now it's May, so I think it's time to start settling into a routine that can begin to blossom into ever-accumulating distances and a healthy amount of cross-training -- by July. The training calendar that I've chosen for the marathon begins for realsies in July, but ideally one would be running 15-20 miles per week by that point.

As you can see here, that's about how much I did for the whole entire month of April!:

No worries, though. It's always cool to see the training build on itself.

Tonight I tried the treadmill because of the blah weather out there. I walked 2 miles at 4.2 mph on an incline, and really I sweated! Really I did! I like that form of cross-training surprisingly, and I was even able to read on my iPad Mini during the workout.

It got me thinking: could I ever walk a marathon*? I believe I have at least 1 or 2 friends who have, so I'd love to hear from them.

*Marine Corps Marathon does allow participants to walk, but suggests a walking participant would need to maintain a 14-minute/mile to keep up with the time restrictions.