Friday, August 15, 2008

Why Blog?

For quite awhile I have been personally boycotting the whole blog thing. It's recent that I've begun to think about taking it up again. In highschool / college it was mostly a social thing, or a self-indulgent rap-session. Now I want to get back into it because

1) I've been inspired by some recent blogs I've started following;

2) I have many loved ones far away that I'd like to keep up with a little better, at least providing them the opportunity of interacting with me on the latest thoughts that run through my head;

3) I really want to write. It's a driving force within me, and I can't lay it down. The other day a customer of mine at work found out that I like to write, and he asked me why I'm not keeping a blog? It's the way the world works now. A successful blog does not necessarily make or break a writer, but regular practice writing certainly will, as will dabbling with "publishing."

So enjoy. Comment. Dialogue. Contradict. Engage. More to come...

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