Friday, March 6, 2009

To bring us closer to our neighbors

At church on Sunday evening I was sitting there listening to Fr. Henry talk about the Bishop's appeal and how there were these pledge envelopes in the pew backs in front of us and he was teaching us all about how to fill out the pledge cards. I had set my purse on the pew next to me and was moved to get out my checks so I grabbed my purse. It nudged the guy next to me and I guess he didn't understand that it was accidental, so he actually took the purse out of my hands, thinking I was trying to pass it to him. Well, then he started looking through it, and I was sitting there dumbfounded, not knowing what to say. His wife leaned around and looked at me from the other side of him. Women, being much more capable with interpreting the body language, quickly became horrified that her husband was rifling through my purse.

It seemed to all happen at once. He got confused, looked up at me and put his hands palms up with an expression that said, "What? What did you give me this for?" And his wife poked him and said "Give it back!" And I took it back, confusedly wondering what to do or say to smooth the whole thing over. I couldn't really stop laughing but tried to do so silently.

When it came time for us to show a sign of God's peace he just said to me, "Peace be with you," but his wife leaned around and said "I am SO sorry about him!" And I started laughing all over again and I told her it was ok and peace be with her. Then they went to administer the Eucharist.


M. Mcgough said...

hehe Sometime You have to wonder about the thought processes that men have. What a cute story. said...

hee hee
this cracked me up!
I have found myself in similarly awkward positions and afterward they really do make for some great laughs. Seriously, what was he thinking going through your purse?! That is too funny!

Bethany Blanchard Coleman said...