Monday, June 29, 2009

I think you can help me with something....

I have so many subjects swirling around in my head that need serious brain power wrapped around them!

> The current state of agriculture in America: What can / should we be doing as citizens of our country / planet?

> How can I make my daily life more energy-efficient and recyclable? Does it make a difference if just one person changes their daily living? What does a coherent, holistic approach to "Green Living" look like? Why aren't we all doing this?

> Subtopic: How about these Hybrid cars? Are they going to help? Are they going to cause more trouble than they're worth?

> Is it better to change circumstances or accept them and then transform the self? Would I be happier / more fulfilled if I saw work as work and worth as ... something else entirely?? (Subthought - If I become more active in volunteering for the causes that really matter to me, could I someday find myself employed to help one of those causes?)

> Real reconciliation = possible, but messy? Thanks to a few, I know that while we are adept at breaking things, sometimes broken people can fix things together.

> How do we say goodbye? Death is a heavy subject in the news and many dear ones' personal lives.

> Where do you all, my friends and neighbors, find your facts about the political issues facing us? How do we stay TRULY informed? What is our role?

> What is our role in LGBT issues today? What does God think / say about it? How can we bring love to bear more heavily?

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