Monday, August 24, 2009

What's Good Today


I have been seriously MIA from all my normal social networking activities, because my computer has been unable / unwilling to access the internet since I moved into a new apartment on July 17th. With the new apartment, however, I gained a very kind roommate who has allowed me access to her laptop anytime I want, so thankfully I think I have been able to pay all bills and read all emails and reply to some. This morning I am prolonging my stay on her laptop while she is at work, simply because I want to tell you all what's good.

Work is going just fine, and I have been getting to know my coworkers better, which helps the days be more enjoyable.

My new living situation is awesome -- a two-bedroom apartment and a wonderful roommate! I have been amazed at my good fortune. Saundie is a real blessing. I love our conversations and I love how relaxed everything is. I love that there is another living, breathing human being sharing my living space. There is something just so wonderful about sharing life with someone else and having to think about how one's actions affect others. I am glad I got the experience of living on my own, and I did enjoy that. I'm also glad not to be doing that anymore for now. I hope I don't frustrate her overmuch with my ADD / impulsive lifestyle. Thus far she has proven very patient. We don't really have any rules or regulations. She loves Coconut, which is all I could ask of anyone. We are both seriously trying to figure out life and enjoy it simultaneously, so there is a lot of common ground. Also a lot of coffee grounds.

I am super excited to say that I will take a couple of classes this semester. I have no idea where this will lead, but I am so thrilled at the prospect of challenging my intellect and growing my brain again. Who knows but that it might lead to some increased opportunities for the future? I waited until the 11th hour to make the decision to return to school, so there were several marks against me for a little while there I wasn't sure I'd be able to get into any of the classes I needed, much less pay for them. I feel so blessed that I have been able to register for exactly the classes I wanted at times that work for me. I have been given all the resources I need to make it work. I have received so much encouragement from friends and family and mere acquaintances who all seem inclined to make me feel good about what I'm doing. It's great when everything seems to be going my way, and all my outside influences agree. It won't always be that way, I know this, but for now I'll take it and enjoy it.

Michael has gotten into all the classes that he needs and I'm overjoyed that he has multiple musical ensemble/combo opportunities that are really the stepping stones to the future he has been working towards for years. Music is truly a calling for him. Many factors stood in the way of him getting the chance to prepare how he wanted to for auditions, but it seems that didn't matter. God knew what He had planned for Michael and it has come to pass. I am so excited for him, and excited to be putting concerts on my calendar! Instead of sitting in the audience with him, this time I get to be HIS audience, which tickles me to death!

My good friend Sandy always likes to remind me that in life we are always in the middle of trial, emerging from a trial, or about to enter a trial. She speaks all this to me cheerfully from her wheelchair, enduring a constant trial with immense strength and beauty. The Psalmist always reminds me that no matter what life's challenges, I need to sing praise to the Lord. My life is full of rich blessings, and though my heart and head may ache over certain aspects, the most healing activity I know is to think on all the blessings that are poured on top of riches and tied together with great bonds of love that I don't deserve, and then take all that meditation and call it GOOD, for that is what it is! And I just wanted to share that with you all, my friends. :)

I miss so many of you and long for the next opportunity to interact and catch up. Please let me know what is good today with YOU.


thenewlywedwards said...

There are so many things that are good that I don't even know which things to pick! My favorite thing of the moment is my little BOY that's growing away! hooray! I'm getting so excited to meet him. Also, we joined a new small group and it's been lovely, as we've been going to our church for almost 2 years now and haven't found one that worked with our schedules, etc. I'm so glad to hear all the good things going on with you! I miss you. And hooray for a roomate. I don't think I could have ever lived on my own. I'd like to say I could have done it, and been independent and stuff. I totally respect the people who do it. But I think life's always better in twos. Or threes. Or multiples of whatever.

M. Mcgough said...

So glad to hear from you and that things are going well! I was just thinking about you the other day.

Colton and Alice said...

I'm so happy that you love your living situation. I moved into a two-bedroom apartment here with a friend I've known since high school and I've been having the best time with her (even though I've only been here since Sunday). It's great to have someone to talk to that you adore :)

Hope your classes and work and everything are going well! Here's to a good fall (if it will ever come)!

Laura said...

Hey Sydney! Your new living situation sounds perfect and I'm so glad you feel comfortable and content there. Your coffee grounds line made me laugh and I needed that, thank you! haha I'm loving being a police officer but there's so much for me to learn on the road, little over whelming at times. What classes are you taking this semester? So happy to hear such great things happening in your life...our God is so good =) ~Laura

bwsmith said...

Hello friend!
Sounds like you are settling in. We are still remodeling -- but would love to show our new digs to you. Will and Shawna will be coming to town the end of October . . . :)