Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Business of Life

If I can I'd like to express to you something I love about my job. It's very un-American, a little mind-boggling, and possibly the hardest part, but also the best.

No matter what we are doing, if a person walks in, we must give them our attention immediately, 100%. The reason is that the customer is the most important, whether that be a resident or a prospective resident.

It's not that they don't give us many other things that they want us to be doing, because that is far from the case. We have many tasks online, offline, paperwork and then some. Whatever it is, we are to take bite-sized pieces to our desks at one time to finish, and whomever may walk through the door, we give him our full attention at the expense of every thing else.

This is so TRUE. Human connection makes the world go round. Relationships are the core of business, education, humor, and just life. We must respect our relationships and give them our best.

When we are weary and stressed, this is the hardest thing to do.

When I am overwhelmed at the thought of the paperwork piling up in my bin, or the deadlines encroaching, or the sheer exhausting multitude of intense conversations I've already had for one day, giving myself to one more person seems humanly impossible. And then I do so, and in the doing I'm revived because I glimpse the gems inside the person sitting across the desk from me. I get to hear their story, see a snapshot of their journey, and it reflects the meaning in mine. This excites me, and I can keep on -- if I let it be that way.

When I am empty, what have I left to give you but a vacant stare? I need to let you pour into me what is on your mind, that it might revive mine.

There is a kind of soul-touching that must occur in order for us to stay alive. It's the reason I write.

I am sorry to say that the only place I consistently put human connection first is at work, because I'm required to for business practices. Sometimes the best business practices spill over into the best practices for life. Eh?

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