Friday, July 2, 2010

Matthew 6:28

The Master Gardener prunes spent blooms to make way for new growth. 

He plants many varieties together so they may showcase one another's beauty. They sing His praises in the many ways their differences complement each other in perfect arrangement. His blooms needs His attention and care. He loves to simply bask in the sunlight and see the fruit of His labor reach for new heights. Sometimes He has to bind a wayward bending branch to a stable post, for its own benefit. He speaks to them in quiet undertones. They thrive at the sound of His voice. 

But they never rise to His level. They never question Him, nor try to challenge His authority. He heals their sickness, and they rest in His protection from predators. Sometimes He gives them to be consumed by others of His creation. Sometimes their beauty is in the felling for the good of another. Sometimes they must glory in being the silent backdrop of a dramatic session between Him and that awesome creature made in His image. Their life is hid and they are but objects of His tender love. And they never cry or complain. They just exist and obey.

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