Friday, March 11, 2011

To Japan, with Love

A re-post today, just a silly poem I once wrote to Japan & me.:

"True Story"

I should have gone to Japan.

It's not that I'm bitter, just that now I know better.

Japan asked me to come over. A once-in-a-life opportunity! She said. Maybe there was some hyperbole on her part, but many a true word is spoken in jest and other such cliches. I told her I would think about it.

Then he said Come see me so we can see what may be but if you I do not see then we may as well be nothing. See me or see Japan. And that doesn't rhyme, so make your company mine. Cause you like things to rhyme. 

Well, truth be told, Japan has no soul and so I was bold and told Japan that she'd be put on hold. Seemed like gold. 

To choose another human soul and perhaps make mine one with another -- this was a prospect that forced my hand - how could one deny the beauty of unity even in mere possibility? Well, one could not since one hoped to tie the knot. 

Set into motion were a string of events devoid of sense and nearly too late I realized that one soul plus my soul into unity was not the intention. Abolition of my soul was the objective, no one protective, no tying of knots just snot on my sleeve and would you believe - I almost drowned had I not found my rebellion at last. 

Japan, I apologize. You wanted to imprint my soul with ephemeral beauty to never be forgotten. I declined your gift, my regrets are stiff for the offer will haunt me for eternity. But you may be pleased when you see that I have set your opponent to sail on seas without me. By degrees I perceive that the enemy is me and I will rebel against myself until the least impurities bleed out

and Japan -- my soul now imprinted with eternity: all you'd asked for me. 

Come see, come see me.
posted by Sydney McFearless at 3:18 PM on Mar 18, 2009
And, Japan, thank you for our trees. 
They mean so much to me.


James said...

You'll make it, SJ. Meg and I will be going someday. And so will you. And then you can finally answer to Sydney-san!

Sydney McFearless said...

They would most likely refer to me as Burancharu-san... which I have answered to before, for approximately 2 semesters. ;D