Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Your dog's name is what??"

One aspect of My Real Life is my puppy. Her name is Winky, and no, it's not a boy's name. She is a Miniature Dachshund of approximately 6 months and 8 lbs (she'll get a little bigger). Tonight she looks like..

It's just after surgery. She is looking pretty low to me! Now she's sleeping comfortably all curled up in her own bed and does not seem to be messing with the stitches too much.

Winky is named after a House Elf from Harry Potter. If you need a crash-course in Harry Potter magical creatures, please try this link. I thought (with some help from Michael Ruiz) that Dachshunds look quite a bit like the standard portrayal of the House Elf, and the qualities of loyalty, obedience, bravery and mischief all seemed to line up. I was originally thinking that I'd get a male pup and name it Dobby, after the House Elf who saves the day, but instead I got a girl, and named her after Dobby's friend: Winky.

[By the way, Winky the House Elf has her own fan page on Facebook!]

Winky is usually peppy, playful, vocal, energetic, sweet, cuddly, attentive and friendly. She loves other pets and considers every human being a part of her family. I have never seen her turn an admirer away, though she does look at me in shock when people pass her on the street with indifference. She is such a charmer that even people who do not like small dogs -- or Dachshunds or whatever the stated prejudice -- will fall for her and start thinking about a little pet of their own.

Winky came to me from the litter of some good old friends, Gypsy and Otto. I used to house-sit for the Prince family and they became some very special people in my life (ah, the good old days of hiding rubber chickens where one least expects it!). I grew attached to the dogs as well (to my surprise, having always been a big-dog kind of person), and promised myself that one day I'd get a puppy of my own. In the Spring I learned that they planned to breed one last time, with puppies expected in November 2010. I began mentally preparing. I knew that I'd have to find my puppy from among this litter!

My mom picked out the puppy for me here in Maryland while I was still living in Texas. Somehow, Winky ended up being the perfect match for my on-the-go lifestyle. She is the most gregarious little thing, yet so snuggly. She will sleep in the bed with me every night, but she's not too shy to welcome every new person into the home. I knew I wanted to get a dog who was resilient enough to travel with me anywhere, and Winky fits the bill! She is never skittish after a plane flight and settles in quickly to cheering the nearest person in any new environment (she does follow me a little more closely in unfamiliar places, though).

We all have those days when nothing seems to go our way and we feel like the worst parts of our character are totally exposed to the point that our flaws are all that's visible. When I have a day like that and then come home to Winky, I remember that she can only see the best in me and remain my best friend regardless. Sheer companionship is truly amazing.

Winky has a few nicknames... Stinky Winky, Winks, Little Winks, Little Girl and more.

Her favorite activities include running through the neighborhood (me trailing), playing with her sister, chewing on toys and snuggling (especially with my mom, me, or her Aunties [Jessica, Christina, etc.]). She also loves little children and plays well with my 2-and-a-half-year-old nephew, Stephen. The other night she heard his little infant brother crying and couldn't stop herself from trying everything possible to get to him and make it all better! Such a sweetie. :) She also enjoys trying to steal the cat's food.

Winky's least favorite events include baths, nail-grooming and sleeping on her own.

All in all, she's a keeper. Here's a short video of her first night with me after leaving her litter.

If you'd like, leave a message for Winky in the comments and I'll make sure she reads them all.
Yes. I AM *that* dog-lover, and I'm not ashamed!


Winston said...

feel better lil winks. :-)

Your friend Sam the cat says

Brian said...

I love this post on my little "granddogger" (yes, I'm one of those dog people, too). She sounds like she has developed a delightful personality, and typical of dachshunds, it's 4 times the size of her body ;)

Hi to Winks from the Princes, especially Gypsy, Otto and big brother, Truman.

James said...

You should train her to wink, so that people who don't know about Harry Potter can still appreciate the name. Also, training a dog to wink would be a really cool trick.

Rachel3Lynn said...

omg James, my Mom's dogs wink! And so did Auburn when she was alive and in her finer days!

I love this post! Thanks, Sydney...Winky sounds like a girl's best friend :)