Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good morning!

I mentioned in my last blog that God loves being creative. The next day after writing that, He proved Himself yet again in that way!

When I visited a new church Sunday morning, I heard worship and a sermon with a strong theme of submission to God's plan. They cited several passages of scripture as examples of the fact that sometimes a period of darkness precedes a time of understanding, awareness, and celebration of God's great grace. Sometimes darkness is a step we go through in learning submission. The speaker mentioned that to God, there is no difference between darkness and light--or should I say, they are different to Him, but He sees past all that. Darkness doesn't change Him the way it changes me--He remains faithful. I can bank on the fact. Darkness seasons were heavily on my mind in the last writing I did!

Even the Scripture passages (Psalm 139 was one among them) were some of the same that came to my heart while I wrote my last post. God knows I tend to forget or doubt His message of teaching and encouragement. He also knows the best way for me to learn is repetition! Thanks be to Him. :)

Help me to listen!

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