Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Slow miracles.

IT IS TRULY AMAZING to watch the transformation of a life.
The first day we met

In the early hours of your time at Children's National Medical Center

One of my first chances to touch you

Looking very tan and sweet ... moment with your mask off

Finally off the lights and looking much happier without the mask

The first day your mama held you

Graduated to a crib and looking okay with it!

Meeting your big brother for the first time / your 1 month birthday

Recovering like a champ from major surgery

Taking a bottle and getting used to being back in Annapolis

You & me ... one of your first public debuts at Aunt Liz's shower

And now ... right now ... my first adventure in babysitting you from home.

Sometimes miracles are instantaneous. Other times miracles takes months to unfold after hours of prayer. I can't wait to see more milestones, little man. My nephew. Joseph.


Dana said...

Amen. God is always working His plan. Keep watching.

Julie Coleman said...

This made me cry. He has come such a long way since January 3. God has had his hand on him they whole way. We are all better for him having been born. Sweet little guy.

Sydney McFearless said...

Amen to that.