Blogging a day at a time is not working! I inevitably get interrupted basically as soon as I start, but I feel like I'm already forgetting things so I'm jumping in!

YESTERDAY -- Wednesday 

We woke up freezing after our first night in the RV. We stopped in a place called Sly Park Recreation and set up RV camp in the dark. The temps dropped below freezing through the night and we each took a baby and tried to sleep by them to keep them warm. Funny part was, we agreed they both seemed unfazed by the cold and able to keep warm on their own, so they were both like "shove off, mom/dad!" 

Early in the morning we were cracking ourselves up reenacting how Jhonny took a tumble stepping down from the bedroom of the RV into the front section in the middle of the night. Then Caleb awoke when he fell out of the bed (onto a nice cushion) and we dissolved into hysterics yet again! He woke up in a good mood, and when we looked out the window we were all cheered further by the sight of a beautiful lake and picture perfect trees. 

Disgustingly clear water!

Levi not trying to prove he's the smart one (eats rocks)

Throwing rocks is  Caleb's second favorite pastime after making echoes, which were so impressive even the adults were getting in on the echo action.
 Just... Ridiculous. 

 Having a blast.

Caleb really loved this little lake and was hard pressed to say goodbye.

Poor fella.


We ate breakfast and showered in our RV, with only minor drama such as setting off the smoke alarm, as is our tradition, and Jhonny turning the RV in the middle of my shower because we were on a hill and all the water was pooling in the non-drain side of the basin! 

Once we got on the road, the glory was all in the scenery. The views are so beautiful it's impossible to describe or even to capture in a photo or remember. The things around you are so beautiful and so huge, they defy the human mind to comprehend. Jhonny said at one point, "I thought I had seen it all, but I have never seen anything like this."
Captures it perfectly.


We reflected:
1) this must be the terrain that inspired "America the Beautiful."
2) this is the type of topography I imagine David the psalmist to have been involved with when he was hiding out from Saul or walking his sheep, inspiring many Psalms and a huge, expansive faith.
3) this reminded Jhonny of what he knew of Afghanistan. It's little wonder that warfare in this type of setting would be extremely challenging, especially with limited infrastructure.
4) we were both reminded of Ecuador at points.
Even Caleb would excitedly spot mountains and cows.

We ended up in South Lake Tahoe, and stopped by the water for a pbj picnic and some playground time, chatting with two different families from Oregon. 

 Then it was time to get back on the road.
I brought several books to take out periodically for Caleb to look at. It's definitely difficult to be road tripping as an energetic two year old.

He's doing the best he can, and genuinely having a fun time, but definitely keeps us busy. At this point he's super confused on his time zones, feels tired easily, and sometimes cries that he misses his house. 

He's really interested in talking about emotions, and frequently asks Jhonny or me if  we feel mad or happy, or tells us when he's sad when he doesn't get his way. He's starting to realize that his choices have emotional consequences for other people, and we strive daily to teach him how to use that power for good when it comes to his little brother. *grin*

My body is absolutely covered in bruises, reminding me just how physical parenting two little ones 24/7 can be, and my mental stamina is challenged by thinking about the best way to motivate good behavior or respond to undesirable behavior, while hopefully getting somewhere in the vicinity of the heart of matters (as much as a 2y.o. Can comprehend). 

Just before dark, we closed in on Bridgeport, and found the last spot open in Paradise -- a quaint little RV park. 

We were just in time for the absolutely unbelievably gorgeous sunset: 

 And with that, we headed back to our camp, ate dinner, and went to sleep. 






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