Things I Remember 1.0

Things I remember

He had a rat-tail 
He had a tree we'd climb
I learned that it hurt boys to kick 'em in the crotch and I tested the theory on him
He was next door
He was from Guam
I used to dedicate my artwork to him
His name was Michael
He moved away

I was crying in the car silently to myself, and looking out the window
As we drove the Mazda minivan through Monterey Bay
Strange behavior for a child in the second grade

My mom somehow noticed me
She asked my dad to stop the van
We sat on a public bench
I told her I missed Michael
I cried my child tears on her shoulder
Rare vulnerability 
From her
From me

I remember him as the first person I ever missed
The first time my heart broke because something
Was over.
Something I didn't understand
Or know how to handle

I feel confident and consolate
About the fact
That he surely does not remember me
Except maybe as the brute who kicked him in the crotch the first time
But I hope I never forget
The sentiments of a child
Even the silent ones 


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