Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obligatory Political Statements

So, I'm guessing you're tired of hearing about the pre-election activities, unless you have been a genius and kept your nose out of the news entirely. You'd have to be more than a genius, I think you'd have to be a superhero with powers of avoidance and invisibility (so no one could rope you into a discussion about things).

I know the big talks revolve around the economy and the whole energy crisis, as well as health care and such. The brutal battles are endless. The jargon is absurd. John Stossel (sp?) is pretty much the only person I've seen on television to successfully cut through the crap and reveal the empty promises of both candidates, making a striking comparison with their claims and the claims of the last several Presidents: they all want to promise the same things, and they're still not delivering results. Interesting. Janet of course would understand that the President wields very limited power and that most of it is about the Senate and the House. :)

In my weekly youth group meeting we were talking and one of my girls told me that she believes God would vote for McCain because she thinks that it would make sense for God to be more conservative. We all laughed at this a little bit, just because of the absurd thought of God being confined to the lines that all us voters subject ourselves to. It's hilarious to imagine God joining in the petty squabbles of Presidential candidates. We concluded that God would most likely write Himself in on the ballot.

Somebody please tell me if every election has been about this, but for some reason it seems like this one is way more about what people want to get for themselves, rather than the difference between right and wrong. Has "What's In It For Me" always been the mantra? I think that's what the candidates are appealing to most, and it makes me sick. I don't particularly want to vote for anyone! I want to stand for something that's true... And I guess they're both finding themselves prone to bending the truth here and there. I just want it to be about what's right for our country, individuals, and the world. I guess it doesn't work that way, though.

I will vote, I will. I feel like it's my civic duty. But that's all it is ... just a duty. Not an impassioned decision made with moral conviction to be pro-somebody.

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