Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, it is finally beginning to feel like Autumn in Texas! Even some trees are trying to change colors. They try so hard -- it's really cute. Because we don't have the stark definitions between seasons that one might find in such a place as ... oh ... Maryland, for example, we are forced to celebrate the changing times with our own embellished punctuation. This means we try very hard to keep up with changing our decorations in a timely fashion, try seasonal-flavored things in their proper turn, and celebrate even the smallest holidays with a great vehemence. I love holidays ... they help us so much to mark the passage of time, to make memories with loved ones, to forget about what's not important and capture all those smiles and people who are so important. Michael and I pored over the pages of last year's October edition of Martha Stewart's magazine. We got very excited about some ideas we have for pumpkin etching, glittery skeletal things, and cookies with delicious filling and caramel apples.

For today however, we mostly focused on trying to get organized. You see, my apartment is terrible evidence of the fact that I am a busy lady with 1 million things on my mind other than maintaining a living space. It is just beginning to become very important to me that I create a space that is a haven, a getaway, a place of healing and help for myself as well as others. I want to make a home like this, but the flip side of this concept is a lot of work. I may as well start practicing now, while I am single with many independent choices. Someday my life may consist of choices shared 50/50, or 20/20/20/20/20.... You get the point. If only setting new habits were more immediate and much less overwhelming. Mom, I am finally starting to understand the ownership that you felt over the appearance of our home, and why you felt that it was such a reflection of the very fibers of your character if someone saw a messy house. Not that our house was ever messy... But anyway, environmentalism, I guess that's what I'm getting into nowadays. Creating the right environment that says what I want it to say -- no, what I believe it's supposed to say.

I am very excited about the future...
1) October: My sister's birthday! Finishing my training for my new job!
2) November: Going home to Maryland! Thanksgiving!
3) December: NEPHEW!!! Christmas!!!!! Home again home again, jiggedy jig.

I am very excited about new work from
1) Robin Thicke
2) Ani DiFranco
3) India.Arie
4) FEIST!!!!
5) Michael Ruiz. :D

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Bethany Blanchard Coleman said...

Wow, my life is totally consuming your fall! Which is exactly as it should be.

When we're all living together and I'm the little [probly pregnint] housewifey, I can take care of all your too-busy stuff! Not that I would want to cut you out of pumpkin carving and sparkley skeletons. But all the less fun stuff--laundry, sweeping, groceries--I totally got your back.