Friday, April 3, 2009

Something Wonderful

I know this guy that says, "What's goood?" instead of "Hello" or "What's up" when he sees someone. Debbie and I were talking about how easy it can be to focus on the little negatives in our lives, and to relate with other people based on the struggles we're all facing. Many of our conversations wind around to be negativity festivals. We decided that negativity was not a worthy cause for a festival, so we decided to say "Tell me something wonderful!" Instead of "Hey, what's up?" I like to act all crazy and say "WHAT'S GOOOOOOOOD?!?!?" when I see Debbie, cause it totally throws her off (she is a very grace-filled mom of 4...who reminds me periodically that they don't use the 's' word -- shutup -- in her house).

Lastnight at church we all went around and shared "what's good" with one another. It was so uplifting! It's amazing what a turn of perspective happens when you shift the lens looking down on your days to find those little gems of joy that happen for all of us. There is always something.

Today was amazing, unfairly fabulous from my standpoint. Finally a day off, 1 out of 8 days, and I did what I wanted to do. A little work, yes, a few chores, yes. But because of the kindness of my parents I was also able to buy a plane ticket home ... watch LOST ... talk to my Sister ... surprise some friends with Starbucks ... surprise another friend at work ... meet for martinis with another friend and talk about very deep matters -- really inappropriate yet perfect for Happy Hour.

I am thankful for my life.

Even though I am having a hard time letting go of people / places / things that I thought were always supposed to be a part of my life / dreams / future; or even though I don't know what the outcome will be of my present risky endeavors; and even because I am so imperfect / flawed / inadequate, it is Enough. It seems I may have two left feet, and it is something wonderful.

WHAT'S GOOD! Tell me something wonderful.

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thenewlywedwards said...

There's lots of wonderful stuff that's happened to me this week. I think my favorites are my clean apartment that was cleaned by other people that love me; and the dinner waiting for me in my fridge, which was cooked by other people that love me. Being loved, and loved so well, is a wonderful thing :)