Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello, September & a Call to Action

Can't tell you how glad and surprised I am to see September. August was a big fat crazy mess! I'm glad that's over with of course, but also I am obsessed with new beginnings, so I always get excited about a new calendar page and the number 1. Someone reminded me that September 1st is the day that all the Hogwarts students would head down to Platform 9 3/4 to board the Express train and start the school year, so I would just like to wish all of them a great year, hopefully uneventful. 

Today was one of those days, and I know I'm not the only one who felt it. Really almost poked myself in the eye with a plastic fork from Wendy's to distract myself from the chaos of it all. Sometimes it amazes me that an office of 5 women is responsible 7 days a week for the needs of 500+ families. We are heroes, I tell you, and pretty stylish ones at that!

So, the truth is, I need to practice writing more. You may have noticed that I did write more in August, but I want to practice even more in September. People tell me to write every day to get better at it. The goal is to turn this into my career in one way or another somehow. Therefore, I will be attempting to write daily. Please don't feel like you have to read it.

Please do feel obligated to give me ideas

I need topics, but I also need to learn how to write to an assignment. I have the hardest time writing about something that isn't driven directly by personal inspiration. If I want to make writing my life's work, I will need to learn to write about things that other people want me to write, sometimes. I am just not clever enough to generate an interest in all of my own ideas. 

So there you have it. You can email your ideas to me at, or message them to me on Facebook. You can also leave them as a comment on this post, but then other people will not be surprised.

If anyone responds to this, I will be super humbled and grateful and I promise I will do my best to write my best on your topic. Also, Michael told me that I should start posting my blog link to social media every time I write something because letting it feed into my Facebook notes is not a good way to get consistent feedback on what is good for readers. I am going to follow his sage and artful advice in September, as well. We'll see where it goes, and we'll revisit things when the new beginning of October comes. 

Next up: a little review of this event: The Dallas Symphony Orchestra presents the Music of Michael Jackson.

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DRB said...

I think writing from what you know will help you infuse your writing with passion and integrity that resonates with your readers.

Then, eventually, you will be able to take someone else's idea, learn enough about it to make it your own, and be able to write about it with passion and integrity that resonates.

Here are some ideas of things I know you know, and about which I would be interested to read:

-Chastity and the Single Girl
-Customer Service
-Moving Frequently (and how it has made you who you are today)
-Growing up with parents of different faith-practice
-Coping with false accusations
-Your favorite books from childhood/adolescence
-What God has taught you through your pets (not joking)
-The best qualities of your teachers/professors & how you incorporated those into your life
-What new thing you learned today

Just a few ideas. I'm sure you have lots of others.