Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes - Friday (Vol. 1)

--- 1 ---
I think it's probably best to get the gross stuff out of the way first. I just want everyone to know that searching for wedding dresses is dangerous work, and it's probably best to wear protective footgear while doing so. While trying on wedding dresses at a local retail-store-to-remain-unnamed, I got a broken pin stuck in my toe and it stayed there for about 10 days. See below:

So, in other words, OUCH! But I got it out eventually through a rather odd sequence of events and I felt pretty powerful afterward. I also felt vindicated, because I'd been telling my fiancee for a week-and-a-half that something was stuck in my toe, and he didn't believe me. [Secretly, I think the pin broke inside my toe and there may still be a small fragment in my flesh. Don't tell my mom. Who will probably read this.]
--- 2 ---
My wedding dress, purchased from the dangerous unnamed store experienced above, is ready for pickup. This is surreal and rewarding for me. I chose a dress within my 'unrealistic' budget, and I am actually going to be a bride. Both of those things are shocking and super fancy!
--- 3 ---
Google Talk Plus app for the iPhone is fun! I've been learning to use it this week so I can keep in touch with my Sister, who is always hovering in the top 2 of my Favorite People list. Here she is:

Definitely waxing eloquent on something while wearing a gold shawl and quietly resigning herself to her role as pregnant DD at our friends' wedding reception (which also = one of the most fun nights of my short life). Beautiful, right?

OH but yeah, the app is pretty cool and it pretty much enables you to freely chat with any of your Google contacts as you prance around town, a lot like text messaging only there is no charge. Well, besides the initial download. I like it, so try it. And look me up. Good luck.
--- 4 ---
You, too, can become obsessed with my Sister by clicking here.
--- 5 ---
Lastnight Jhonny and I met with our photographer. I selected the photographer and pictures are really important to me for many reasons. 1) I love pictures. 2) I will probably forget a lot of the awesomeness of my own wedding, no matter how hard I try to live in the moment and remember it. 3) Photography makes flowers matter, because it makes them immortal, and I love flowers.

I found a brilliant photographer, and everyone who's anyone in my world agrees that's he is talented. Thankfully, my benevolent parents decided he should be MY wedding photographer. Lastnight, we had a meeting with him and settled the details (and paid him money, let's be honest). This, for me, is one of the most exciting expenses of wedding planning thus far.

Please check his wedding portfolio here, and don't be afraid to browse the rest of his blog as well.

He definitely used the word "done-zo" during our initial meeting, which reminded me of Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation, which won him the Sydney's Seal of Awesome card.

Fun fact: this guy is married to a girl that was in my homeschool umbrella group in middle school. They have 4 beautiful children nowadays.  
--- 6 ---
I'm liking Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon: See you there?
--- 7 ---

The whole idea for 7 Quick Takes comes from one of the wittiest, most intelligent, smartest female blog writers I know, called Jennifer Fulwiler, atheist-to-Christian convert, mom, and the author of Conversion Diary. Don't be shy, check her out. Laugh, cry, and be challenged.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


Dana said...

#1: Aaaah!!!!!
#2: Bargains love you (full scholarship girl :)
#3: This is a gorgeous pic of your sister!
#4: I've been obsessed with her since before she came out of me ;@
#5: I love imagining Tom Haverford being the wedding photographer...
#6: Prob not :(
#7: Okie dokie
(#8: Love You!)

Tami said...

So glad I get to 'follow' you. Ive always enjoyed your witty writing. Hay.

Bethany Blanchard Coleman said...

Ew and yikes! Please tell you got some tetanus shot action goin'. If you didn't, just say you did so I can feel better.

Also, thank you for not posting the photos where I look more drunk than any of the drinkers. I was just high on pregnancy. (That's a thing, right?)

Scott Henderson said...

Thanks for the mention! Love your writing... looking forward to your engagement session!