Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 3)

--- 1 ---
This week has been a bad one in the motivation department. I can't wait for the three-day weekend to begin. 
I'd like to high five whoever created holidays. They always seem to come at just the right time before I go insane. 
Now I am typing this at my desk in lieu of a lunch break. How do you stay motivated at your place of work? 
Can you offer me some genius suggestions? I have definitely continued to accomplish tasks on a daily basis, but 
it's been gross and annoying. I want it to be fun! WORK should = FUN (in my head).
--- 2 ---
One of my new favorite snacks is slices of provolone cheese with yellow mustard. My fiancee thinks this is 
disgusting, but I find it delectable.
--- 3 ---
Today instead of the usual lunch type foods, I will eat an entire avocado with season salt. 
Cuz my mom said I could.
--- 4 ---
Last week I did not participate in quick takes because I was frantically attempting to print out my save-the-date 
magnets for my wedding guests. I was 75% successful, thanks to my soon-to-be brother-in-law at Merino Studios.
Please check out his design work and photography. I say only 75% because my STD magnets took all the ink in his 
printer before we could print all of them; however, we got enough accomplished to call it a day, I think.  
--- 5 ---
An incredible meeting of minds happened on Saturday night when fiancee's parents had my ENTIRE family over 
for dinner. There were so many people and so much food I thought we were at a restaurant! Everyone amazed
me with their possession of personal grace and hospitality. I love my family, as well as my in-laws-to-be. The 
great thing about them all is no matter what conflicts or tragedies arise in my history with them all, I am 
continually more impressed with them each on a profound level.

--- 6 ---
Saturday morning engagement photography commenced at approximately 6 am with Scott Henderson. I want to 
recommend him to everyone. The dude is chill. He made us feel so beautiful and we had so much fun posing in 
places that reminded us of our growing love story. Jhonny was in the best of spirits and cracking his usual 
no-filter jokes, which always makes me laugh. Scott didn't seem too offended, but we're paying him so I guess he
tries to hold it in. Even though I never wanted engagement photos before, I highly recommend them to anyone. 
It is a great opportunity to get away from the craziness of life and just focus on the beauty of your surroundings, 
your special someone, and the once-in-a-lifetime nature of the phase you are walking through together. If it's too 
late for engagement photos, maybe it can be your next anniversary gift to yourself and your spouse. 
--- 7 ---
The wedding planning nightmares have begun and continued at a nice, steady pace. Usually it involves the 
wedding date coming with a glaring number of details (officiant, wedding dress, etc.) falling through all kinds of 
cracks. I have also started getting really angry at all the emails from The Knot website telling me how many days 
I have left and where I should be in the planning process. You know what? Who cares what they think. Not ME!! 
So what if we only have 6 items on our Bed Bath & Beyond registry that we just opened on Sunday evening? 
Marriage will happen anyhow. Also, HERE is where you can go if you want to learn more about us, our wedding, 
and sign our guest book.  
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Lindsay said...

I don't know if I could eat a seasoned avocado as a meal, but I definitely eat way too many avocados for my own good. That's the best thing about living just above Mexico (in Texas).