Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes, wedding style

1- My veil came in the mail today. It is worth mentioning that I tried to purchase this in the store, and the clerk (is that a word anymore?) told me the veil was discontinued and she could not order it for me. She gave me two stores in the Dirty South to call, because supposedly they had the veil in stock and they could ship it to me. I called both, and apparently the South is dirtier than anyone knew, because they BOTH told me that the veil was in stock but in terrible condition.


My MOM found the veil on the website of the store in the first paragraph of 1, and she said it showed no signs of discontinuation, so I just attempted to order it online, and voila. It's here. I wore it at work today to give people the giggles and lighten the mood. My mom says I should wear it to work every day after the wedding. Thoughts? Agree? Disagree?

All of this is a lesson in persistence, which my fiancee is always trying to pound into me. With words. He doesn't hit me.

2- I have been driving around for nearly a week with a box of ornament hangers in my car. I ordered them online thinking they were silver and they showed up BRASS. Gross. Well, interestingly the DESCRIPTION mentions that they are brass, but I am getting married so am I really expected to notice this stuff?

I am returning them for some black ones (I think...?) and I filled out the nifty little exchange form and placed it in the box, but somehow the box has been riding dirty with me all week in the passenger seat of the car with no A/C, and it's no closer to getting returned. Help! I might just order more online, not fool around with returns, and give everyone a BRASS ornament hanger for Xmas 2012. Best idea ever!

3- How many people pay attention to wedding programs? Do you ever keep the programs? This is really important for me to know, because I'm about to start thinking about how much effort to put into these, what content to include, whether or not to make enough for each guest or just make people share.  Etc. Classy, I know.

4- What things ended up mattering the most in YOUR wedding? What do you still remember, from that blur of a day? What things seemed important beforehand, and ended up not mattering? I really want to know. We are down to the wire, and I would love recommendations for things to just SKIP altogether.

5- I am really looking forward to getting married! I just want to be married to my beloved. All this hoopla is funny to me.

6- Traditional vows vs. Writing Your Own vows? Why?

7- What songs do you consider ESSENTIAL wedding reception songs? Not necessarily for dancing, because we're still on the fence, but for background music. I am working up a playlist. English and Spanish suggestions encouraged.

I leave you with a song that I remembered lastnight that certainly canNOT be left out, as well as a photo of our awesomeness. But first, for more and better Quick Takes, check out Jen, the Mother of the Quickness.

We gettin' married! Try and stop us. 


Kevin Lynn said...

This comment thing is confusing me.

1. Do it! Wear it forever! If people ask about it just look confused and pretend you can't tell it's there.

2. This as far as I can tell doesn't require my involvement. Next.

3. People who will keep your wedding program:
Your mom
His mom
How this translates to importance level is your call, but no one else will really care.

4. Important:
The composition of the wedding party (a lot of the people in ours we've not seen since). The lack of driver from the reception to home, we enjoyed the champagne a little bit too much and needed to steal a guest to drive us home.

Unimportant: The food (I never got to eat any and 3 years later no one comes back to tell us about the food).
Timing for the reception, as long as ppl have something to eat don't worry about sticking to the schedule sorta let stuff go with the flow.

Tuxes. I wish i had just asked all my groomsmen to wear their interview suits. My buddy brad got away free cause he wore his dress whites.

5. Indeed!

6. Traditional vows. Past line 4 people want you to shut up and kiss already. If you wanna recite adorable pages of text to eachother, do it at home.

7. No opinion.

Bonus Round: If you're having an outdoor wedding make sure it's HEAVILY ADVERTISED AS SUCH!!!! People will hate you if they dressed for AC and it's not there. (Or in the case of women, if they dressed for hardwood floors and end up aerating the soil)

Sydney McFearless said...

Kevin, thank you for your thoughtful and insightful responses! Just the way to get things started! I definitely never thought about whether or not I'd need a driver at the end, but now I will! And in a lot of ways, you successfully put my mind at ease. Cheers!

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Hey, thanks so much for joining in! These were so fun to read! And I can't help but reminisce about my own wedding:

4: We had so many people flying in from all over the world, I was glad that we had a long and unstructured reception so that we had plenty of time to catch up with them all. Also, we hired a top-notch DJ who was quite expensive...and it was worth EVERY penny. He made our reception a huge hit. This was nine years ago, and people STILL tell me how much fun they had at our wedding reception, and it was 90% thanks to him.

6: The only thing I regret is that we wrote our own vows. We didn't rehearse it, and were mildly mortified when it turned out that our whole ceremony was only seven minutes! But that aside, people have been working out the kinks in wedding ceremonies for thousands of years, and I wish I had chosen a more traditional route so that things would go more smoothly. (Well, I'm Catholic now, so I wish I'd had a Catholic wedding...but even that aside, I wish we'd at least gone with something more traditional.)

7. For better or worse, the song that sent the most guests flooding onto our dancefloor was Shake Your Tailfeather by Nelly. :) For Spanish music, you can't go wrong with Shakira's old stuff! Very dance-able!

Sorry for the epic comment. I didn't realize how many thoughts I had on weddings. Thanks for joining us in 7QT, and congratulations!

kjones116 said...

Hey Sydney! Well, since you ask I have a few observations to send your way. I was 18 planning a wedding and had never even been to one (that I could remember) so I was completely clueless! I had, and find that I still have, a very simplistic view of weddings...although I think I might be the only one on the planet :)
A couple things I learned...
2- Don't stress about things that won't matter when your celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary :) Keep the brass hangers and pretend like those were the ones you wanted! No one will think anything of it unless you point it out.
3- It seems like people put a lot of work into gifting all their guests when in reality all your guests hope for is a nice, personal, heartfelt thank you note from the couple they adore. I've never kept anything from a wedding. Maybe that's just me, I'm not sure. And I honestly love weddings but once they're over I just don't have a place for the souvenirs.
4- What mattered the most:
This day is to celebrate you and him, so in my opinion a wedding should only be about the bride and groom. It seems like weddings have become about throwing a fantastic party for everyone else! As long as you are including everything that is important to you, that should be good enough for your guests. Maybe you could leave out anything that is not on your "I can't live without" list, if you are trying to simplify. The memories your guests will go away with will be of the couple themselves, not the tiny details and all the extras. Save that extra money and put it towards your honeymoon... you only get one! The only thing that we didn't spend money on that I really regret are the photos.
5- I felt the same!!! Keep that your focus and everything else will fall into place, even if it falls all over the place it will still fall into a place and that's all that matters! Expect that some things will go wrong and just roll with it, you will both be much happier at the end of the night :) You can never get that day back so enjoy every moment and every experience, even if it's not the perfect moment you created in your head, the real moments will be perfect because it's your wedding day!
6- If writing vows is a time consuming burden that is putting too much pressure on you, don't do it. Traditional vows are beautiful and on that day when you are saying them to the person you love the most, they will become YOUR vows.
We just had our 14th anniversary and memories of our wedding day are still some of my best! It wasn't perfect... but it was ours.
I hope your day is amazing and wonderful and I'm so happy for you both!!! Kim

Bethany Blanchard Coleman said...

1. Kevin has the best answer to this. But sure. If it's fun. (Don't do anything unfun you can possibly avoid, *especially* the week after your wedding.) It's nice, since you won't get to wear it again. :)
2. Hahahaha! But everyone is right--no one will care that they're brass. Only change it if it'll bother you forever. Like my music has bothered me forever. Even though I don't think it bothered anybody else.
3. Definitely only have enough programs to share. Part of how people kill time waiting for everything to start is waiting for their turn to read the programs. I would say don't even bother with programs, except that your ceremony is going to have several elements unfamiliar to all the non-Equadorians in the room, so guests will be confused without one. It'd be cool if you could explain the significance of the unique elements in the program, and give a rough outline of what's happening when. and you should have my name. Maybe a nice portrait of me.
4. I remember looking amazing; waiting with Daddy for our turn to process; vows; toasts; and first dances. All really great memories. I regret not having a videographer--because then I could watch all the hours I can't remember. I also regret not having alcohol, but there was nothing I could do about that. So, make sure you process, say vows, have amazing toasts, and you should probably eat something, sometime. Everything else is whatever. You could even skip favors, if you want. The only favors I remember are mine, and how I had bags and bags of chocolate to eat through because so few people took their favors.
5. See answer to 4, above.
6. Traditional. Even though I'm not the most traditional gal...I mean, how can you really improve on those words? They cover everything in life, for everyone, no matter you personality or history or future. I also love having said words that couple after couple have said through (Western) history, and hearing those same words at weddings I attend. It makes each wedding like a little vow renewal.
7. I have no answer to this. Totally individual. We played Coltrane. (Jazz is very background-music friendly, actually.) But really, do whatever you want!

alice said...

1. YES. Always, forever, everywhere, every day, yes.
3. I keep wedding programs so you should get them. You know, just for me ;)
6. Both. Haha I'm like devil's advocate. I said 'write your own' first but then I thought about it for another second and went with 'traditional' but now I can't decide so I think you should do both. Make your wedding super long.

Have fun at Niagara! I've never been but then again I haven't really seen anything except a desk and the inside of hospitals/clinics for a while now. Again, so so SOOO happy for you!!

Laura said...

Hey I love all your ideas!! Something that I loved about my wedding was perparing my own flower bouquets! I got two shopping carts worth of flowers from Whole foods and assembled everything! It was cheaper and we all enjoyed making them =) I also wanted to share that the biggest expense for us was our photographer. I always dreamed of a billion beautiful professional pictures to remember every single moment of my favorite day, and I got just that =)
So excited for you friend!!