Thursday, October 4, 2012

You're a Wannabe Whatcha Read

Allow me to 'splain.

[And once you're done, go see Jen for more reading!]

Several weeks ago, sometime during the Summer of 2012, I read something from one of my bloggers that was about finding one's true calling in life. She mentioned that I should take note of what kind of blogs I read (assuming I was a blog-reader, which was accurate, and I gave her a clue by reading her blog I guess), because that would show me wherein did lie the desires of my heart for my life. Thanks for the direction, Modern Mrs. Darcy. I'm sorry I didn't remember all the other things you said on the subject, but I promise that someday in my life I will carve out the time to actually read some of the books you recommend! (No deadlines, please.)

I really took this to heart and started analyzing the blogs that I read. There are some noticeable themes.

1) Family-focused.
Most of my favorite bloggers are married, with children, and several of them also seem to be pregnant right now. [This also means that most of my favorite blogs happen to be written by women, but that's beside the point. Obviously I want to be a woman. Or if I don't, I'm not talking to you about it.]
The only problem with this is that until a week and 2 days ago, I was single. Or maybe it's not a problem and what that means is now it's really happening for me, because after a couple years of blog-reading, I'm finally living up to my Blog Models. I still can't quite relate with all the toddler-stories or parenting advice swaps, but it's not for lack of trying.

2) Sexy.
If you're pregnant, or have children, you are/were sexy fairly recently, to someone. This is a given. If you have more than one child, you are obviously a repeat offender in the "being sexy" department. Sexiness also comes from being creative, which you must be if you maintain a blog which I read regularly. Then there are experts in this field, such as Moxie Wife, who gives advice on keeping romance and love alive in the marriage, even after years, even after 5.5 kids, and even when you most likely don't have a lot of spare change lying around for pricey date nights. She's brilliant. I should add that all this sexiness is real and genuine and organic. This "Whole Foods" type sexiness -- no bondage or 50 Shades of anything. All home-brewed.

3) Hilarious.
This is huge. Most, if not all, of my favorite bloggers are tear-jerking, knee-slapping comedic women writers. Oh Jones is one of the funniest, but she has some stiff competition from Jen @ Conversion Diary and Grace @ Camp Patton.

4) Ultra-Smart.
Not that they beat you over the head with boring nerd stuff, but these women are great writers, they're well-read, and they have real opinions on things that matter. They have done the research, and they will make you think from time to time, inbetween your tears of laughter. Something that goes hand-in-hand with this is that they share their opinions candidly. They aren't scared to offend you by being politically incorrect. Jen @ Conversion Diary probably comes out on top in this category, but she has competition from all the others aforementioned. Something that I love is when women talk about what they're reading, and you can get this from Modern Mrs. Darcy (whose blog is linked above and is basically all about books), and I also recently enjoyed reading *about* the recommendations of a friend of mine, who blogs over at Logan and Janelle.

5) Self-employed.
For the most part, these women stay at home with their children. This is not to say that they don't work, because obviously maintaining their blogs, writing their ebooks, giving speaking engagements, and all the rest just doesn't happen by itself. Still, they are the masters of their destinies. They can prioritize their husbands and children and design their work schedules to fit their own personal preferences and convictions. The thought of such a life makes me drool, and I hope for goodness' sake that I can one day imitate. Haven't figured out how just yet.

6) Faith-filled.
Almost all of these family-focused, sexy, smart, hilarious and self-employed women are women of immense faith. Their blogging mission is driven by a purpose to follow their Creator. They write about their faith and they are honest and very unique in their spiritual pursuits. I want faith that is authentic, deep, and genuine. So many of my favorite bloggers exemplify this type of spirituality, and they inspire me every day. Of course, I am a - regular reader of some of the well-known greats in this category, such as Ann Voskamp and Beth Moore. Vastly different styles, very different from my own personal style, but greats, for good reason.

7) Fashionable.
They each have a unique sense of style, but it has to be said that most of my fave ladies frequently make posts about their wardrobe choices. Often it's getting creative with modifications, or planning how to look cute on a budget with a tight schedule, but always it includes vivid photos. Natasha at Little Pink Monster always seems to be trying a new crafty accessory or wardrobe piece for herself or one of her darling daughters.

BONUS: I love juicy photography. I get this from Grace at Camp Patton, and one of my personal besties, Little Llama. Interesting that one IS a med student and the other is married to a med student ... science and art strike again! Together!

Someday, I want to be like all o' them when I grow up. Tell me about YOUR Blog-roll models. Who do you read? What do you want to be when you grow up?

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MCH said...

I'm right there with you! I like concepts that are serious and seriously intellectual, but it has to be balanced out by at least a smidgen of snark. I think it boils down to "wisdom with a twist" -- being able to present truth in an attractive and interesting manner; it's almost impossible to argue with that way!