A life without writing

A partially clogged shower drain, leaking the shower water out by droplets while I stand in an accumulation of soapy filth

No SD card in my camera but the flash still functions emphatically 

Miles Morales, a Spider-Man full of super-heroic abilities, but “can’t. do it. on command.”

My car keeps running for hundreds of miles after the oil-change mile marker 

It’s a helicopter flying into fog with no black box

Ariel walking on land with Prince Eric, but unable to flag his recognition with her voice 

Hair dye, but in a box from the drug store
Constipated, but my bladder empties just fine, thank you

Brand new smart phone with no charger in the box

Guitar falls out of tune after 1 minute playing 

Full roll of film, unprocessed 

Looks like it’s going to work, has the form of the function, can mimic efficiency, but carries no truth of purpose or depth of meaning 

Completely my choice to repair or
Not to
Or is it?


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