Facts about writing

You really can’t lie.

I mean, you can write things that are not factual, and yes, that is one of the defining qualities of fiction literature.

But I mean, you can’t really lie about your heart.

Whatever is in the heart comes through in the writing.

Even lying, or performative comments, reflect the posture, position, influence, and state of the true heart.

Even fiction literature is actually true.

So, looking back on old writing is a bit brutal, to realize who really wrote it, and where they really were at that point in life

Throw a pin in the map of the maturation of a soul when you write something down.

Yeah, we went there. Stayed a few years. Then there was an impetus to move — here’s how that looked.

Blushing over who we used to be is probably a sign that we have yet to arrive at our fullest growth — so I hope to always be a bit embarrassed by my past self.

I hope I’m a little embarrassed by this tomorrow, you know?

You really can’t tell a whole story in writing.

There will always be a continuation of the story from the point of drawing a line on a page.

You can’t convey the simple fact that even the writing of a story changes the impact of that storyline in the writer’s life.

Written is immortal, still, in a funny kind of way. 


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