Monday, March 22, 2010

Laryngitis Weekend

Soo I haven't really been able to talk at all since about lunchtime on Friday. Usually they say that people who use their voices a lot (singers, teachers, etc.) might experience occasional bouts with laryngitis. I lease apartments, which means that yes, I do talk a lot. However, that doesn't really add up if you ask me. Still not as much vocal strain as a teacher or a singer. So I have laryngitis, and I can't communicate much and it keeps getting worse. It's been a time for being quiet. Saturday I worked from the back office all day and didn't talk to anyone. Sunday I slept all day until late afternoon, and then watched movies and TV. I am off today, but worried about tomorrow when I go back to work. Hoping my voice magically reappears.

Some features of the weekend...

Finally got to see this movie. Interesting concept, for sure. Non-traditional protagonists teach us a fast-paced lesson about the consequences of our choices, the synchronicity of human brokenness, and the interconnectivity of our seemingly disconnected actions. The movie surprised me, as I made it through about 2/3 with an increasing sense of hopelessness, but ended up with a feeling of lightheartedness, and positivity. A happy ending, if a little divided from reality, strictly speaking. I recommend it.

Then there was another movie lacking the traditional protagonist. Also lacking trad. Matt Damon:

This movie made me giggle. And think a lot about what it looks like to think one way about yourself when something else entirely is going on. Self-awareness is next to godliness. And mental health should be as important as the physical. Another I'd recommend.

Also found out that Priscilla Ahn writes her own Blog on Blogspot. She has lots of delicious pictures of her recent trip to Korea, tiny souvenirs and such, and she also shows off lots of videos. Her favorite musicians, herself covering Beatles songs, and the like. Definitely worth a gander.

Also, I downloaded Google Chrome, bookmarked The Voice Project, and Joined Red. Inbetween there has been a lot of texting and drinking of teas. Hope you had a nice weekend as well.


M. Mcgough said...

I hope you are feeling much better and it sounds like a well used weekend.

Sydney McFearless said...

Thanks, M! I had uploaded some pictures that are not working any longer, oops!

Julie Coleman said...

Hmmm... nothing worse than a woman with no voice. It's like a car with no exhaust pipe. Hope you are back to normal by now. Looking forward to having you home!

Saundie said...

Love this post...more please! Thanks for the tip on P. Ahn's blog! I'm happy your voice returned- it's more fun when you can talk! :)

Sydney McFearless said...

Mama Coleman, I can't wait to be home!! Looking forward to seeing you walk this time. :)