Friday, March 5, 2010

No Speed Limits

This morning I was driving on a highway with no traffic and a speed limit of 70 MPH. Some people still drive below the speed limit, either because they are distracted by their radio, telephone, life issues, allergies, general lostness, or because their vehicle just doesn't go fast enough. I thought how silly it is that when we are all in such a hurry, we still don't drive as fast as we're allowed to. I, for one, will not be held up. I'll get around you so I can push and exceed the legal limits of speed.

Then I thought how much access we have to our Heavenly Father through Jesus His Son, and how He is moving inside us all of the time. There is so much freedom, so much access, so much closeness to an all-powerful God who gives me purpose for my life and lavishes love on me. Still, I confess that I spend most of my time below the radar limit, not maximizing the full potential my spirit has been given. What is it that holds me back? What is my distraction? What am I looking down at instead of keeping my eyes on the road? What life threatening behaviors (such as texting while driving) do I casually engage in, thinking they will not harm me?

The only difference with this analogy is that spiritually, we are encouraged to lose our lives before we can claim them. Risky business is recommended, but still with a system. And everybody to the limit of what their vehicle can accomplish!

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isabella said...

I definitely know what you mean. Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment and forget that we need to slow down a bit, take a breather (hahah) and remember that God has us here for a purpose. Many people run through life and never bother to slow down and think about it in any way other than just getting through it... Good analogy, :) makes one think!