Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

...and such are little boys made of."

Don't forget tractors, trains, boats & planes.


These photos represent highlights of my visit the past couple of days. I've spent as much time with the nephew as possible, enjoying things that he enjoys, such as Dr. Seuss, trucks, blocks, and Pingu. If you haven't watched Pingu before, I will recommend this short clip. We also visited the home where my future puppy currently resides with her litter mates. Stephen had fun with them and thought they were pretty curious little creatures. He cracked up laughing when one of them went under the Christmas tree. 

I also made sure to get in a good walk around the neighborhood to see the old sights and remember things that I never see in Texas. Things like...

Baltimore Ravens Santa

Boats Everywhere

Lots and lots of growing plants
My dad is still sick, but getting better. I heard on the radio that if you wash your hands 7 times per day, you are 3 times less likely to show symptoms of cold and flu than someone who washes their hands less frequently. I laughed because it was about 10 am at the time, and I know I'd already washed my hands more than 7 times that day.

Lastnight was also a great reunion / dinner party at my sister and her husband's apartment with good old friends before they go out of town for their Christmas holiday. In high school, somehow I was blessed to meet some of the best friends a girl could ask for. Most of us are married now (yours truly not included), and I have to say they all chose the most wonderful spouses. Spending time with them always means reminiscing, laughter, catching up on life (how "adult" we all sounded recounting the tales of our professional challenges and ventures), and generally, I always walk away feeling more whole. It was a great time, and I only anticipate more such reunions in the next few days!

Today should be "sugar & spice & everything nice," as I plan to bake with my mom and perhaps wrap a few gifts. :)

(I'm already dreading leaving!)


The Cordell Family said...

Is your sweet nephew signing "all done" in his high chair?

Sydney McFearless said...

Yep! Good catch, Carol Ann!

janwilpeek said...

So you saw Winky? Love the puppy pics! Glad you're having a great time with your family.

James said...

Whose puppies??

Sydney McFearless said...

Yes I saw Winky! More pictures will follow. James, the puppies are the Princes' dogs' new litter.

Michael said...

lol don't dread leaving! it'll ruin your stay. just enjoy it all and soak it all in! :D i love the captions with the pictures.. it reminds me of something from a children's book!