Thursday, April 4, 2013

In Mid-Air, Vol. 2: Into the Light

10,000 feet up, headed from the land of interminable Winter we've been experiencing in the DC area to the land where it's always Summer(?): Southern California. I'm in a wedding in long beach and the bachelorette party is in Hollywood. Um, ok! I think this is fairly awesome.

Right now, though, the best part is that I'm moving forward into a longer day. I am enduring a 5+ hour-long flight, but I'm gaining 3 hours back to my life. The sun will most likely shine the entire plane flight. This is like a miracle to me after the way the cold has hung on. Best news is that even though I lose some time when I head home, the likelihood of it is that I will return after 6 days to weather that's finally taking a Springy turn.

Maybe even some cherry blossoms?!

For now:
I'll being staring with a better-than-birds-eye view at the grids landscaped below me, paying homage to a less complex view of life. I'll enjoy hearing hubby's laughter (tears?) over Life is Beautiful, and I'll soak up the soundtrack of one of my all-time faves -- our in-flight film, Life of Pi.

Waiting for me upon landing? Heaps of loving family, adventure, excitement, new experiences, the thrill of two lives becoming one, and my squeezeable little nephew, 3 months and a day and already a veteran of cross-country plane flights (following in the footsteps of his mom, aunt, & uncle!).

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