Monday, April 1, 2013

Marine Corps Marathon Monday {1.2013}

Hello, fans! *crickets*

[Well, fine, as long as you're not camel crickets. Camel guys, hoping someone somewhere loves you. Jk. Really. You're gross.]

My husband left me tonight believing that I would write something. And I have so much to say but I'm having a hard time getting started. I think camel crickets was a great opener. Now that opener is closed.

*     *     *

So, here's the thing:

Last year on March 17th, I ran my first marathon. I know that endurance events are becoming a huge "thing" for peoples of all fitness levels in the USA (we like to give our extra money to anyone willing to take it). I decided to join the crowd, but DANG it was hard, and my legs were all, like, "Nah" when it came to walking after my 26.2 miles of running were finished.

So after that I ran some 10-milers and got engaged, and some half marathons and some 10Ks, and I got married and got promoted and got super stressed out.

Safe to say, good reason or no, I haven't really run serious distance for about 3.5 months. It took a lot of waiting and webpage cursing/refreshing and then somehow $99 later, I was registered for the highly sought out, competitive race, Marine Corps Marathon 2013. [Dun dun duuunnn.]

In 2011 I was a spectator as my new-boyfriend-turned-current husband ran the marathon.

In 2012 I was a martyr completing the 10K very painfully, and then standing on the sidelines to cheer on the marathoners (I love the cute smiles of a hurting runner when they take your encouragements to heart -- endorphins FTW!).

In 2013, I'll be a Marine Corps Marathoner, and I can't wait for those Marines to roar me across the finish line. #scary. [I know so, cause my Marine Corps Hubs is currently yelling in Spanish at the FIFA.]
This is nice, but in real life they're yelling a lot more and gutturally.

My hubs dearest is a Marine [in remission? what do they call it?], so this is a very special time for us and we run with thoughts and prayers and love and tears with memories of many amazing Marines who have walked in our lives.

*        *         *

So let's hear it: who's running? What training plans are you using?  What's your race goal? 

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