Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Five Faves (vol. 1)

Linking up with Hallie for the 1st time ever today! She is super fun and reminds me to celebrate the small joys of life and share them with others. By reading hers and Grace's, I have made several discoveries of awesome in the world that I never would've known existed otherwise. Power of blogging, guys.


I have started commuting a lot, so I've been trying to find things to listen to while I drive in order to cut down on the wasted time / stress / boredom of the traffic jungle.
This podcast is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I don't know about you, but some days I just crave the opportunity to hear 2 women speak in a Southern twang to one another about their opinions on all subjects from what they're cooking for dinner to what Hillary Clinton's hairstyle says about the administration. Quote of the day had something to do with how there are certain things we don't need to see, and the underside of a man's arm is one of them. Come ON. How much truer does it get?


Again with the commuting! A friend recommended the Waze GPS app to my husband and me and we have been using it faithfully since relocating further from our jobs. My husband knows his way around the area pretty fantastically, so he can almost always devise a back way around bad traffic if need be. I am a different story. I am the type of person that can't remember how to get somewhere until I've actually driven there myself once or twice -- don't expect me to find it just 'cause I've been there before if someone else was driving!

Waze helps me get around, but most importantly, it finds the fastest routes and sends alerts about hazards, accidents, police traps, etc. I love when it re-routes me due to morning traffic -- I swear I've taken 6 or 7 different routes to work in the past 3 weeks. I never get bored!

Not to mention that it's social, and I love feeling the kinship with other commuters as we go bobbing along our merry ways.

Drive safely!


REVLON ColorStay Aqua Mineral Makeup

I love love mineral makeup, but it gets a little $!$!$! I have been trying to find little ways to save here and there, so one morning I rolled up my sleeves and started researching the best drug store cosmetics on the Wonderful World of the Web (WWW).

I then ventured bravely into the local CVS and made some experimental purchases. The Revlon mineral makeup is reasonably priced (under $15, and sometimes under $12, depending on where you buy it!). It matches my skin tone beautifully, gives a cooling sensation upon application, and even has a little shimmer to it! The other true story is that it lasts pretty much ALL day, but doesn't get all weird on me if I reapply.
(My least favorite part is the brush, but you can't have everything for under $15.)



This CCM is called "liturgical post-rock," whatever that means, and I find it very pleasant and challenging to my sensibilities. Honest lyrics and brightly skillful instrumentation caught my ear and my soul. It is not what you're probably expecting of CCM, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Give it a listen for free on Spotify!

Apparently I am just discovering them as they are about to come out with a new release! Sorta cool.


Vacation!! Pretty soon, I get to go to Cape Cod. I told someone this was in Maine. It is not in Maine. I really badly want to go to Maine, but just saying that the place that I am going in Maine does not actually get me there, I've had to tell myself. Maybe next time.

Currently I'm looking up things to do and clapping my hands gleefully at the prospect of a whole week traveling with my husband and dogs, far away, to a place we've never been before. Welcome, Autumn!


I think it is the only decent thing to do here to add that I discovered something truly disgusting in the food department this week. I won't tell you not to try it yourself, but if you don't love gross things, I advise against this. And if you try to feed it to me at your house, I will NOT eat it just to be polite. It is Almond non-dairy "yogurt" substitute. And it is foul. I'm not going to name any brand names here. But you've been warned.

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